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welcome to the Chicken Fist Fuckers memorial page

the Chicken Fist Fuckers were five guys and a gal doing some real loud stuff from 1987 'till 1992. all they left us was this tape: (poor sound quality i'm afraid)

"orka"  (no overdubs, '90)
"loving dirt" (no overdubs, '90)
"boyscout"  (no overdubs, '90)
"italiŽnische rezepte"  (no overdubs, '90)
"olifantskonijn"  (no overdubs, '90)
"torpedo"  (no overdubs, '90)
"olifant" (live at the Vooruit, Ghent, no overdubs,  '88 approx.)
(c) 1988 -1990 the Chicken Fist Fuckers

that's it, folks. the Chicken Fist Fuckers failed to get their later songs recorded properly, just like Holozoid - the band that rose from the Chicken Fist Fuckers' ashes.

Chicken Fist Fuckers update: *** Wim made a wonderful comic book;
*** Jurgen wields his bass for 2nd Skin, a succesful covers band;
*** Jo got himself phased by a smelly green spaceship and is now being digested by the first intergalactic band to visit Earth, Sonic Love.