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this is the site of Sonic Love, bringing sonic relief to the masses
site v1 launched november 30th, 2000
Studio Brussel, the alternative belgian radio station, picked sonic love's 'freedom' for their demo poll (2000)

site revamped: v2 is here. new DAW assembled. new tracks heading your way. (4/2003)

"Levitation Imminent", the 2nd Sonic Love CD-R, is finished. free for all, find it at the Sonic Love page (10/2003)
Sonic Love's "Heatseeker" was made for "The Cloud Zero Tribute to the Legendary Pink Dots", a fan tribute CD-R from the LPD mailing list, also featuring tracks by Room Noir, Hebephrenic, Pancreatic Aardvarks, Ivenfaint, Tones, Chanting Sheep, Rajajuju, Karl Marx & The Buffalo Wings, Moozler, Subscape Annex and Bomb Head.

the Legendary Pink Dots are a pretty adventurous and long running band. i find it hard to describe their music, but there's definitely some goth, eastern european folk, spacerock, industrial, symphonic rock, and lots of good songs in there.

thank you Rajajuju, Josh and Slawek Jay, for making this happen! (8/2004)
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is our new URL with much more space. More mp3s and graphic stuff will be added. Please adjust your links as the old URL is on it's way out. (1/2005)
"Pussy at the Bottom", CD-R #3, is available now. mp3s on the Sonic Love page. (8/2006)